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  • Animal Matching - Lost Baby! activity

    Animal Matching - Lost Baby!

    Compare and match baby animals and adult animals.

  • Animal Sounds activity

    Animal Sounds

    Match the animal sound to the animal who makes it.

  • Animal Tunes activity

    Animal Tunes

    Make a pattern of animal sounds and play it back.

  • Circuit Tester activity

    Circuit Tester

    Try out different wiring combinations.

  • Classroom Toy Museum activity

    Classroom Toy Museum

    Decide on your criteria and sort toys into the sets.

  • Compare 2 Toys activity

    Compare 2 Toys

    An activity to compare toys using descriptive language.

  • Comparing Circuits activity

    Comparing Circuits

    Add more bulbs or batteries to a circuit and see what happens.

  • Escaped Animals activity

    Escaped Animals

    Choose criteria for sorting the animals into 2 sets.

  • Food Groups activity

    Food Groups

    Sort the foods into groups using a Venn diagram and add labels.

  • Force Labels activity

    Force Labels

    Focus in on forces in action in the playground.

  • Forces Sorter activity

    Forces Sorter

    Sort images of forces into groups.

  • Hatching Chick activity

    Hatching Chick

    A sequencing activity showing the hatching of a chick.

  • Hungry Hare Marathon activity

    Hungry Hare Marathon

    Help Hare keep his energy up!

  • Make Season Scenes  activity

    Make Season Scenes

    Create a scene for each season, with appropriate objects and weather.

  • My Life - A Timeline activity

    My Life - A Timeline

    An activity for comparing various life skills and the age that they were learnt.

  • Pictogram: Most Popular Snack activity

    Pictogram: Most Popular Snack

    Collect data on snack preferences and display the information in a pictogram.

  • Pictogram: Popular Toys activity

    Pictogram: Popular Toys

    Collect data on toys and plot them on a pictogram.

  • Plants and Trees - Label and Caption Template activity

    Plants and Trees - Label and Caption Template

    An activity for making a label or a caption for a non-fiction display or class book.