Beam Me Up - Addition to 10

Beam Me Up - Addition to 10
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A quickfire adding game.

A simpler version of our addictive Beam Me Up - Addition to 20 game. This challenge requires mental dexterity - the numbers you can use to hit the target are limited; which means the obvious solution is not always possible. You might have to make 8 by adding 6 and 2 or by doubling 4 or by 2+3+3 The game is against the clock, so work quickly. How many aliens can you rescue?

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    Now in one handy pack, along with supporting printables, these fun mental math games are a collection of some of our most popular resources. The lead activity, Evacuate Aliens, is a trickier challenge for children who can already add two numbers to totals of up to 20, but we've included activities appropriate for all abilities. See the teachers' notes for further guidance on how each game can be used to improve students' skills.

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