Dolch Common Nouns Flash Cards

All the common nouns in sets of 10 flash cards.

This activity can be used for reading and/or spelling. Show the flash card and ask your student(s) to say the word. Hide the word with the eye symbol, and ask them to write the word down, before showing again to check their spelling. The options screen allows you to select from 9 sets of words from the Dolch Common Nouns list.

  • Dolch Reading Flash Cards

    Dolch Reading Flash Cards PACK +

    These handy on-screen and printable flash-cards are ideal for practicing and assessing early reading skills.  These words are not phonetically grouped, instead reflecting the words commonly found in young children's reading materials. While many of these words can be read phonetically, some can't. The ability to sight-read these words will support reading alongside a structured phonics program.

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    • Ages 4-7