Dolch G2 - Jumbled - Underwater

A fun game for spelling - untangle the letters.

Part of a large collection of spelling lists with accompanying games that are available for all the grades. In this game, the word appears briefly and you can hear it too. It then jumbles up. Untangle the word quickly by dragging the letter cards into place. As each letter is dropped into the frame, it is checked, and misplaced letters are marked red.

Press the loudspeaker bubble to hear the word again, as many times as you like. 

  • Getting Started with Spelling (K-G2)

    Getting Started with Spelling (K-G2) SKILL +

    This comprehensive resource offers games for all the common spelling patterns, rules, exceptions and families. Starting with games using the Dolch Word Lists, the resources extend up through the elementary grades with more complex words and rules. Each spelling list has approximately 10 words to learn and has supporting documents and games. These lists can be supplemented with additional words from your current learning topic.

    • 26 Games
    • 13 Documents