Extra support to help you deliver successful learning: Our premium service, TES iboard+ goes even further to support your teaching. New activities are added regularly and at less than 40 cents per week, it's great value!

Extra confidence - With Units of Work, you’re totally prepared for the weeks ahead. Each package contains material for 5-10 lessons. There are lesson plans, interactive games and content you can download, print, copy and customise for your own classes.

Extra ideas - Helpful Teaching Packs contain everything you need to teach a single topic or skill – for instance, Chinese New Year or Early Money Skills. You’ll find suggestions for getting started and teaching ideas as well as interactive and printable lesson plans.

Extra skills - Our fun Skill Builder games help young children build core skills in spelling and mental math. With over 50 ability levels, every child will make great progress! Included are assessment tables, interactive games and practice sheets.

Extra flexibility - Help students find the interactive lessons you want them to use, quickly and simply. Activity Folders are an easy-to-access ‘drop space’ which students can visit anywhere and anytime - without having to borrow or remember your login.

Use these when you need fully planned mini-topics, with all the supporting materials - usually a week's worth of lessons, interactives, texts, images and worksheets.

  • Which Coins?

    Which Coins? UNIT +

    A 7 session unit that uses a money context to practice addition and subtraction skills.

    • 7 Lessons
    • 9 Activities
    • 22 Documents
  • Dazzling Dialogue

    Dazzling Dialogue UNIT +

    A 7 lesson unit where students look at speech punctuation and grammar. They learn techniques to improve their creative writing by achieving a balance of dialogue and narrative.

    • 7 Lessons
    • 13 Activities
    • 21 Documents
  • Fishy Math

    Fishy Math UNIT +

    An 8 lesson unit with practical activities to introduce counting on and counting back.

    • 8 Lessons
    • 24 Activities
    • 19 Documents

Come here when you are teaching a tricky concept or need some topical resources for an annual event or celebration such as Easter or Martin Luther King Day.

  • Chinese New Year

    Chinese New Year PACK +

    In 2015, Chinese New Year is on Thursday 19th February, as the year of the Goat begins. This colorful teaching pack includes both non-fiction materials - to introduce Chinese New Year to your class and to inspire further research for information writing tasks – and the traditional folk tale of the Naming of the Years. Many of the supporting documents relate to this lively traditional tale, using it as a starting point for children developing their own stories. Several fun activities finish this pack: design a Chinese Dancing Dragon, find out which Chinese Zodiac animal you are, or design a firework display!

    • 7 Activities
    • 12 Documents
  • Mental Math

    Mental Math PACK +

    Now in one handy pack, along with supporting printables, these fun mental math games are a collection of some of our most popular free and premium resources. The lead activity, Evacuate Aliens, is a trickier challenge for children who can already add two numbers to totals of up to 20, but we've included activities appropriate for all abilities. See the teachers' notes for further guidance on how each game can be used to improve students' skills.

    • 9 Activities
    • 11 Documents
  • Let's Multiply!

    Let's Multiply! PACK +

    This pack is a one-stop location for multiplication interactive resources for the 9-11 age band. Here you will find teaching tools for exploring number patterns and place value (Interactive Number Square, Place Value Shifter), repetitive but fun practice games (Release the Spaceship, Dodge the Asteroids etc), and puzzles (Multiples Carroll Diagram).

    • 8 Activities
  • Story Time - Traditional Tales

    Story Time - Traditional Tales PACK +

    A set of Listen and Read Traditional Tales story books. Read with the class to stimulate story writing or simply as an end of the day treat. Each book is packed full of colorful pictures and simple text with full sound support. A magic wand separates the characters and props from the illustrations for children to rebuild themselves. Printable resources include scenes from the stories to support narrative writing and retell. Two books are also included in their 'Read Alone' format. These have a longer, more complex text and no sound support.

    • 8 Activities
    • 6 Documents
  • Presidents' Day

    Presidents' Day PACK +

    This pack leads with a free book about Presidents' Day. The additional interactive activity is a writing template that can be used for either newspaper article or biographical writing. Additional printable materials include copies of the text (two levels of reading difficulty - basic and full), as well as further reference information, writing guidance and writing templates.

    • 3 Activities
    • 11 Documents
  • Early Money - Dollars and Cents

    Early Money - Dollars and Cents PACK +

    These early money activities will help pupils start recognizing coins and then help them progress by starting to total coins. They cover earlier skills and can be used as preparatory lessons for the fully planned Unit of Work, Which Coins? The lead resource is a simple matching activity. The follow-up resources then require totaling - either adding up the value of a selection of coins, or paying with coins to meet a total. 

    • 4 Activities
    • 3 Documents
  • Dolch Reading Flash Cards

    Dolch Reading Flash Cards PACK +

    These handy on-screen and printable flash-cards are ideal for practicing and assessing early reading skills.  These words are not phonetically grouped, instead reflecting the words commonly found in young children's reading materials. While many of these words can be read phonetically, some can't. The ability to sight-read these words will support reading alongside a structured phonics program.

    • 6 Activities
    • 19 Documents
  • Classroom Heroes Pack

    Classroom Heroes Pack PACK +

    This is a special 'thank-you-for-subscribing' pack containing large-size cut outs of the TES iboard superheroes. Use this along with the Character Spotlight interactive activity to stimulate story writing. 

    • 2 Activities
    • 15 Documents
  • Text Comprehension Tools

    Text Comprehension Tools PACK +

    This small group of highlighter tools are ideal for critically assessing a class text,  whether that's a classic poem, a favourite piece of narrative or a genre of information writing.  They contain tools for simply marking, hiding, revealing and grouping parts of the text as a way of analysing the impact of language features. For example, 'What's this story like if I take out the adjectives?'

    • 3 Activities
  • Martin Luther King

    Martin Luther King PACK +

    This pack contains texts and illustrations that tell the life of Martin Luther King. To mark our launch, this pack is free to non-subscribers. As well as an interactive 'quiz book', the pack also includes supporting interactive and printable materials such as more detailed texts, image banks and writing templates. This pack forms part of our topical content which will grow through the year.

    • 4 Activities
    • 10 Documents
  • Symmetrical Eggs

    Symmetrical Eggs PACK +

    Easter is a great time to practice symmetry. These colorful educational materials for younger children are ideal for a creative, shape-themed mini-topic. The Egg Decorating Symmetry activity is a FREE sample. Additional printables split into 2 types: Crazy Symmetry Egg Creature cutouts, and a Patchwork Symmetry dice-roll game, where you color in according to the dice number (differentiated sheets to include 1 line and 2 lines of symmetry).

    • 7 Activities
    • 7 Documents
  • Spring Number

    Spring Number PACK +

    This spring-themed number pack has lots of opportunity for counting, comparing sets, totaling and working out differences. It is most suitable for younger students in this age range. The pack contains a simple story which sets the context for this mini-topic and then uses lively, fun visuals to stimulate lots of counting and calculations. Printable documents provide all you need to set up table-top activities for the main part of your lesson. Banks of story-related math questions are also provided for you to discuss with children, perhaps in small groups, using the provided props.

    • 7 Activities
    • 12 Documents
  • Fractions of Numbers Easter Egg Theme

    Fractions of Numbers Easter Egg Theme PACK +

    This Easter themed unit furthers students' understanding of numerator and denominator. It is a number based fractions pack, rather than fractions of shape. It covers a variety of fraction skills including equivalence, simplest equivalent and fraction of a number. It would also make a good revision or catch up pack for older children. Supporting handouts provide practice of the ideas covered in the interactive activities.

    • 3 Activities
    • 11 Documents
  • Toolkit - Number Lines and Squares

    Toolkit - Number Lines and Squares PACK +

    A set of useful tools for teaching a huge range of mathematical concepts, including basic operations, place value and understanding of the number system.  Each tool is configurable to show either low or high numbers. The 'step' can also be altered to show other number sequences, including reverse sequences into negative numbers. Handy, printable squares and lines are included.  See the How to and Top Tip documents for full instructions and great teaching ideas.  

    • 4 Activities
    • 6 Documents

Ideal for repetitive practice! Fun games for whole-class or individual use - structured to provide tiny steps through core skills such as Spelling or Calculations.

  • Getting Started with Spelling (K-G2)

    Getting Started with Spelling (K-G2) SKILL +

    This comprehensive resource offers games for all the common spelling patterns, rules, exceptions and families. Starting with games using the Dolch Word Lists, the resources extend up through the elementary grades with more complex words and rules. Each spelling list has approximately 10 words to learn and has supporting documents and games. These lists can be supplemented with additional words from your current learning topic.

    • 26 Games
    • 13 Documents
  • Next Steps Spelling (G3-G5)

    Next Steps Spelling (G3-G5) SKILL +

    These are spelling patterns in two sets of 15 lists, giving 30 weeks of spelling. Each list has 10 words grouped into patterns, rules, exceptions and families. Included are games and supporting documents. These lists can be supplemented with additional words from your current learning topic.

    • 22 Games
    • 11 Documents
  • Mental Calculations (K-G2)

    Mental Calculations (K-G2) SKILL +

    These repetitive, 'Skill builder' games cover the four maths operations. The introductory series, 'Getting Started' finds our heroes in an underwater setting and provides basic addition, subtraction and multiplication questions. Students work through progressively harder stages to complete each game. The outer-space themed, 'Next Steps' games progress skills further, covering more difficult 2 digit calculations. Division is also introduced at this stage.

    • 24 Games
    • 6 Documents
  • Mental Calculations (G3-G5)

    Mental Calculations (G3-G5) SKILL +

    This higher level of 'Skill builder' games progresses pupils past basic skills. The 'Next Steps', outer-space themed games are repeated from the younger age band and cover operations involving either 2 digit numbers as well as larger calculations that require knowledge of place value and the number system. The 'Expert' level games has our heroes exploring ancient sites, introducing questions that involve decimal places or larger numbers.

    • 32 Games
    • 8 Documents